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Patterns Written In US Terms
ROW 33-41: Ch-2, sc next lp, *ch-4, sc next lp, rep from * across, turn.  Fasten off end of Row 41.
ROW 42: With white join in 1st sc of Row 30, ch-1, sc same sp as ch-1, evenly work sc around top of wing in every edge ch-2 and ch-4 lps, fasten off.  (Please note, 1 sc = 1 ch)
ROW 1: With white join at beg ch-4 lps, *(hdc, 2 dc, ch-2, 2 dc, hdc--shell made) in lp, sc next ch-4 lp, rep from * across, fasten off.
ROW 2-5: Skip a row, work as Row 1.
ROW 6: Skip a row, work shell, sc next lp,fasten off.
ROW 1: With white join at beg Row 29, ch-1, working in back lps only, sc ea st across, ch-1, turn.  (8 sts)
ROW 2-3: Rep Row 1.  Fasten off end of Row 3.
Lightly starch wing.  Sew snaps to finished flap on wing and corresponding place on back of bodice.
Repeat as for right wing except when doing shells turn wing so it will now be a mate to the right wing.  Starch, add snaps and place on opposite side of bodice.