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Patterns Written In US Terms
hdc last 2 sts, ch-2, turn.  (8 sts)
ROW 8: Hdc dec next 2 sts, pick up green, drop red, working red behind sts (hdc dec next 2 sts) twice, pick up red, fasten off green, hdc dec last 2, ch-2, turn.  (4 sts: 1 red, 2 green, 1 red)
ROW 9: (Hdc dec next 2 sts) twice, ch-2, turn.  (2 sts)
ROW 10: Hdc next 2 sts, fold in half to form lp, sl st in 1st ch of beg ch-4.  One bow lp made.
Rep this twice.  Rep rows 1-50 of streamer for second streamer, fasten off.
Tack or glue bow to bodice front.  Tack or glue streamers to each side of the skirt twisting slightly as you go.