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Any item you make from one of my patterns you may sell.  You can not sell the pattern or give it away.  Please feel free to share the patterns on your site but please provide a link back to the pattern and not post the pattern itself!
Patterns Written In US Terms
-make 2.  
Stuff arm and sew to doll at shoulders.  With needle and yarn make lines to separate the fingers and to define the wrist.
 With Purple and H hook ch-3, sl st to form a ring.
RND 1: Ch-1, work 6 hdc in ring, sl st top beg hdc, ch-1, turn.  (6 sts)
RND 2-3: Hdc ea st around, sl st top beg hdc, ch-1, turn.  End rnd 3 fasten off.
-make 2.  Sew to ea hand at side.
ROW 1: With Purple and H hook ch-6, hdc 3rd ch from hook, hdc ea ch across, ch-1, turn.  (4 sts)
ROW 2-3: Hdc ea st across, ch-1, turn.  End row 3 fasten off. With needle and yarn sew corners of nose tog to form a ball.  Sew nose to center face of doll.
Cut two background eyes from lilac felt.  Cut two eyes from cream felt.  Cut two pupils from black felt.  Layer one eye on top of on background and then the pupil on the center of the eye.  Glue layers tog and glue to doll’s face.  Cut a thin line of lilac felt for her mouth and glue into place.
Cut about 27 scales from lilac felt.  That is nine sets of 3 scales each.  Randomly glue the scales across the Mermaid’s body.